• Image of Hirst Life-Size
  • Image of Hirst Life-Size
  • Image of Hirst Life-Size

The real deal: The life-size Damien Hirst for your deluxe loft or gallery (H230x150x156cm). Turning you into an art mogul in no time at all! Be a collector that can claim to be the owner of Damien Hirst.

material: silicon
dimensions: h2.3 x 1.6 x 1.55 meter
weight: 300 kg
edition: 3
shipping: included

My business plan trumps it all. Ever since the 90ies, a Hirst is an absolute MUST for every art collector’s bathroom. My Hirst sits on his toilet in your toilet.

An eyecatcher for your loft, the lobby of a private bank or the trending new pop-up gallery – the 300-kilogram sculpture constitutes any art collector’s ideal status symbol.

I can vouch for it with my full name

Jeremie Jean-Ferdinand Maret *an art dealer you can trust